High CBD Hemp

Planning Calculator

Crunching the numbers is often the most tedious piece of farming. At Grow With Us, we have created a quick calculator that automatically calculates important numbers you need to consider based off of how many acres of hemp you plan on cultivating. 

Start using the calculator below by putting in the number of acres you plan on planting. Next to the calculator is information on how we developed the equations the calculator uses to give you answers. 

Disclaimer: The prices used in the equations below regularly fluctuate throughout the year. This calculator is not a promise, but instead a tool to help you understand the revenue potential of cultivating hemp. This should not be used as business advice, nor seen as formal consultation. 

Equation Information

*Seed total estimate equations

We calculate the low and high end seed estimates by multiplying your acreage by either 2000 or 4000. Depending on your resources such as experience growing hemp and available labor force, you can plant 2000 to 4000 hemp seeds per acre.

**Biomass estimate equations

We calculate the low and high end bio mass estimates by multiplying your seed total estimates by 1 or 2.5. Each hemp plant on average, will produce between 1 to 2.5 pounds of dried biomass. We then take this number and multiply it by .7, as the seeds have an average germination rate of 70%.

The amount of biomass per plant varies depending on several factors, therefore we included both low and high-end estimates of biomass for each of your seed count estimates.

***Revenue From Biomass Sale estimate equations

We calculate the highest revenue possible for seeds planted by multiplying the high end estimates of your biomass by $4, which is the highest reasonable price you will be paid per pound of biomass.

The price of biomass ranges from $1 to $4 per pound depending on time of year, and the CBD content of your harvest.