The debate between feminized seeds and regular seeds is one that will continue to be brought up as the American hemp industry grows. 

While some say that the use of regular seeds is more natural than the use of feminized seeds, this simply is not true. The benefits and logic behind feminized hemp seeds outweigh the arguements against them. 

In the end, feminized seeds will produce a crop of almost entirely female plants. Female plants that are not pollinated by male plants produce on average almost twice as much CBD as plants which have been successfully pollinated. This means more profit for you. No feminized seeds have a 100% success rate. Just like in life, you always run the risk of a male showing up to an all female gathering.  

One male hemp plant can pollinate an entire acre of female plants, effectively ruining your crop. This is why using feminized seeds to cultivate high CBD hemp is the only logical choice.


Cultivating high CBD hemp is different than growing industrial hemp. Plants need to be spaced at least 40 inches apart in all directions. This gives the plants room to grow and thrive, while avoiding root bridging and giving room to weed.

For this reason, the amount of seeds per acre for high CBD hemp seeds is much lower than industrial hemp seeds. We recommend planting 2000-4000 hemp seeds per acre for proper plant spacing which will maximize growth yield.


High CBD content hemp plants can grow quite large. In the 120 day seed to harvest cycle, hemp plants from our high-quality seeds can grow up to 4 -5 feet tall, or even taller. 

More than that, the hemp plants can have a radius of 3 feet around its base. The hemp plant will grow narrower towards to the top of the plant. For this reason it is crucial to plant your hemp seeds with 40 inches of separation in all directions. 


Feminized hemp seeds have a higher cost than regular hemp seeds due to the intensive process involved in genetic breeding. While it is tempting to opt for the cheaper regular seed variety, even just one male hemp plant can pollenate an entire acre of female plants, ruining their CBD content, and destroying an enormous amount of possible revenue.  

Therefore, we recommend spending more upfront on our quality high CBD feminized hemp seeds, making the overall cultivation process easier with higher yeilds on return. 

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