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Regardless if you are new to the hemp industry or a seasoned professional, you have heard about the importance of proven genetics. Purchasing hemp seeds is a large investment, and making sure your seed supplier has certificates of authenticity for all available seeds strains is crucial.

We want to help our customers understand what to look for when purchasing high CBD hemp. Therefore, we have created a guide about understanding the different aspects of hemp seed genetics.

What are COAs?

COA is a term you will run into quite a bit when research high CBD hemp seeds. COA stands for certificate of analysis and is provided by a third party who tests hemp seeds.

What third parties offer COAs?

There are independent laboratories around the United States that measure the levels of cannbinoids through scientific analysis. Some of these labs are located in Universities while others are independently operated.

Why are they important?

Ideally, hemp seeds should have high levels of CBD, and levels of THC under .3%. This percentage of THC is the federal legal limit, and therefore this measure is one of the most important aspects of seeing the COA for the seed strains you plan on purchasing.

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Why Is Feminization Important?

Feminization is a crucial part of the high CBD hemp seed production process. This is because a fix of male and female seeds can lead to your hemp crop being pollinated, which causes THC levels to surpass the federally legal level of .3%.

How Are Feminized Seeds Produced?

Feminized seeds are produced by first planting hemp seeds. All males are destroyed, and then part of the females of moved to an isolated chamber.

From there, the isolated females are stressed by either chemical or organic processes. The stress causes female plants to become hermaphrodites, and they begin producing pollen.

This female produced pollen is then used to pollinate the rest of the female plants outside of isolation, causing them to produce feminized seeds.

Is there such a thing as 100% feminization?

No. This is crucial to understand. If a company markets their seeds as 100% feminized, this is a red flag. Properly feminized seeds produce a crop up to 99% female, but the possibility of feminized seeds producing a male plant does exist.

For this reason, your hemp crop needs constant monitoring as they mature. When the gener of your plants are able to be identified, all males should be culled immediately.

What are germination rates?

In short, a germination rate is the percentage of seeds that produce viable plants. Seeds you purchase should have information on germination rates readily available. Seeds which have not had their germination rates tested can lead to disaster.

What alters germination rates?

While it is crucial for seed production companies to test germination rates, the data they discover is by no means an end all be all for germination data.

Germination rates can be altered by factors such as location, the experience of the farmer, weather, temperature, soil quality, type of irrigation used, and water quality.

Can you guarantee germination rates?

No. This is because 2020 is the first year that many states are allowing farmers to cultivate high CBD hemp. Therefore data does not exist for many areas of the country as hemp has not yet been legally planted in these states.