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Grow With The Company That Has Proven Genetics

Third-Party Tested.
High CBD, Low THC.


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Texas Based. National Service. 

Grow With Us Industries is based in Lubbock, Texas. Our high CBD hemp seed production facility is based in Boulder, Colorado. Our team consists of master growers, agricultural professionals, farmers, financial executives and geneticists. 

We are committed to helping farmers all over the nation take advantage of the new legislation legalizing the production of high CBD hemp. Are you considering cultivating Hemp in 2020? Let’s talk today. 

Tested Genetics

Proven Germination Rates

High Feminization

Genetically Proven CBD Hemp Seeds

Our master growers have decades of combined experience breeding and feminizing high CBD hemp seeds. Each of our strains are grown in a controlled lab setting, assuring the highest feminization rates possible. All strains are third party tested before ever hitting the market for maximum transparency with our valued customers. Grow with the company that has proven genetics. Grow with us. 

Our seeds are proven to produce high levels of CBD and CBG, and low levels of THC for federal compliance. Each strain we offer has unique profiles ranging from pungent to fruity terpentenes. Regardless if you are a seasoned hemp cultivator or are just entering the hemp production industry, you can rest easy when your seeds are from Grow With Us.